Give me all the Thieves!!

Thieves Thursday!! Today I want to tell you some of the ways we use this amazing blend/ line of products from Young Living on a daily basis!!

1. Immunity roller- Thieves (10 drops) and Oregano (8 drops) combined together in a roller with carrier oil. My entire family and I apply this on the bottoms of our feet topically every night 🙌

2. Thieves tea- One drop of Thieves Vitality in hot water with a little honey is my go-to warm beverage every morning!! 😋 Who doesn’t want a little extra immune boost!

3. Thieves cleaner- This cleaner was the number one thing I was looking for when I started on this nontoxic journey and it is simply AMAZING!! Love that my 3 year old can help me clean too😆

4. Thieves AromaBright toothpaste with a drop of Orange Vitality (for brightening!!)- I love this toothpaste! All natural and does the job! I’ve been using it for a year and half no problems at all says me AND my dentist too.

5. Thieves Energy Bites- Kids need a healthy snack after school? Do you need a little sweetness mid-day?! I love this recipe!! Try it this weekend 🥜(feel free to sub Sun butter if a family member has a peanut allergy)

6. AND Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak- I LOVE this product!! Even though I buy organic produce 99% of the time, I’m still washing my fruits and veggies thoroughly. I soak it in a big bowl, rinse under cold water, and let it dry on a towel before storing. Then it’s so much easier for my kids to grab a piece of fruit because it’s been washed! And we all know it has to be EASY or it won’t happen! 🍎🍊🍐💪