As a health professional I hear this statement from my clients all the time….

‘Anytime I eat lots of carbs- I gain weight and get fat!’

Can I ask you a question… what kind of carbs are you eating??? Is it the foods on the left side of the first graphic or the right? The ‘Good Carbs’ on the left are the foods that will fuel your body after a workout. They contain the fiber we desperately need for our digestive systems to function properly. The ‘Bad Carbs’ on the right are the ones that will hands down make you fat, just putting it out there bluntly and honestly. These are the foods that will cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.

Here’s something to really digest, I heard it during one of the workshops at the fitness conference I went to last week… ‘THE FAT YOU EAT IS THE FAT YOU WEAR’ and then this was awesome… they smacked their butts 😂🤣Did you know the nutritional profile for a donut is 1/2 carbs (refined, of course) and 1/2 saturated fat?!!! 😱 Just sayin’


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