As a health professional I hear this statement from my clients all the time….

‘Anytime I eat lots of carbs- I gain weight and get fat!’

Can I ask you a question… what kind of carbs are you eating??? Is it the foods on the left side of the first graphic or the right? The ‘Good Carbs’ on the left are the foods that will fuel your body after a workout. They contain the fiber we desperately need for our digestive systems to function properly. The ‘Bad Carbs’ on the right are the ones that will hands down make you fat, just putting it out there bluntly and honestly. These are the foods that will cause high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, etc.

Here’s something to really digest, I heard it during one of the workshops at the fitness conference I went to last week… ‘THE FAT YOU EAT IS THE FAT YOU WEAR’ and then this was awesome… they smacked their butts 😂🤣Did you know the nutritional profile for a donut is 1/2 carbs (refined, of course) and 1/2 saturated fat?!!! 😱 Just sayin’


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💪THE START DATE FOR OUR OUTDOOR WORKOUTS IS…. Saturday, April 13th, at 8am!!

A few things to note for this season:
– Workouts will go 8-8:55am at Snyder Park in Perry Hall under the pavilion from April 13 until late October, rain or shine! Address is: 9401 Snyder Lane, Perry Hall, Md 21128

– Bring a pair of dumbbells, water, and a mat

– Cost is $10pp if you sign up in advance, and pay the Friday before the workout by noon. I accept Venmo 🙂 After 12 noon until the morning of the workout, cost is $15pp. I will only take 12 people per workout, so secure your spot by paying early! 

– All newbies will get their first workout FREE

– I will do punch cards like last year- 11 workouts for $100!! DEAL 🙌 Punch card people also have to secure a spot at each workout and will still have to ‘pay’ even if you no show. 

– The calendar for each month’s workouts will be posted on my website at least a month ahead of time! I will also post in the Outdoor Workout FB group. 

– MOST importantly these workouts are for ALL levels!! I can modify exercises for you or progress them too 🙌

– Kids are welcome, we workout next to a playground and they can play while we workout. They can also join in the fun!!
** 2 kids for the price of 1** 💕

NOW… Who will I see at the first workout?!?!

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Seasons are a changin, my friends!

‘I ❤️ Pollen’ said, NO ONE EVER!!! Many are already feeling the effects of the seasons changing… scratchy throat, sneezing, stuffiness, irritated eyes, 😑

Are you one of the many??

Personally I developed these minor annoyances just after having kids, and I’m happy to report I’m able to keep them at bay by using my essential oils!! When you use oils that come directly from the source (no additives, no synthetics, not diluted down by any means) they actually WORK!! It’s so empowering being in charge of my own wellness… no need to turn to meds to treat symptoms only to get side effects (like drowsiness and grogginess) in return!! This special blend of oils that I use this time of year actually has peppermint in it, which is known as a ‘focus, alert’ oil! BRING IT!!  

How to make this special blend, you ask?! Take a 10ml glass roller bottle, add 10 drops of each Young Living’s Peppermint, Lavender, and Lemon, plus 5 drops of RC. Fill the remainder of the bottle with your favorite carrier oil and DONE!

It’s hard to believe I’ve been on the oil train now for 2 years… and I couldn’t love it any more! Ohhh and thanks to an oily friend of mine, I recently learned about a place on my ear to apply this special blend— knowledge is POWER 💪💚🌷


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Give me all the Thieves!!

Thieves Thursday!! Today I want to tell you some of the ways we use this amazing blend/ line of products from Young Living on a daily basis!!

1. Immunity roller- Thieves (10 drops) and Oregano (8 drops) combined together in a roller with carrier oil. My entire family and I apply this on the bottoms of our feet topically every night 🙌

2. Thieves tea- One drop of Thieves Vitality in hot water with a little honey is my go-to warm beverage every morning!! 😋 Who doesn’t want a little extra immune boost!

3. Thieves cleaner- This cleaner was the number one thing I was looking for when I started on this nontoxic journey and it is simply AMAZING!! Love that my 3 year old can help me clean too😆

4. Thieves AromaBright toothpaste with a drop of Orange Vitality (for brightening!!)- I love this toothpaste! All natural and does the job! I’ve been using it for a year and half no problems at all says me AND my dentist too.

5. Thieves Energy Bites- Kids need a healthy snack after school? Do you need a little sweetness mid-day?! I love this recipe!! Try it this weekend 🥜(feel free to sub Sun butter if a family member has a peanut allergy)

6. AND Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak- I LOVE this product!! Even though I buy organic produce 99% of the time, I’m still washing my fruits and veggies thoroughly. I soak it in a big bowl, rinse under cold water, and let it dry on a towel before storing. Then it’s so much easier for my kids to grab a piece of fruit because it’s been washed! And we all know it has to be EASY or it won’t happen! 🍎🍊🍐💪