Nutritional Counseling

How does one even start eating ‘healthy?’  Remember I mentioned MINDSET earlier… this is a huge part of the big picture.  According to The Essentials of Sports and Exercise Nutrition textbook, which is the text used by the certifying body, Precision Nutrition, ‘All the knowledge in the world doesn’t mean a thing if that knowledge isn’t translated into action, daily practices and habits you can repeat consistently.  And a client’s mental attitude can be critical in determining whether or not they stick with their exercise and nutrition practices.  Or whether they drift away from best practices.  Current research is pretty clear on the importance of having a positive mental attitude, whether it’s a positive outlook on yourself or whether it’s a positive outlook on your goals.’ 

I’ve been Level 1 certified with Precision Nutrition since late 2016 and I’ve seen firsthand what good nutrition can do for clients.  We will look at the whole picture, whether you as the client want to gain muscle, lose fat, or simply pursue a healthier lifestyle.  Good nutrition is the answer to so many health problems.  We will work side-by-side and come up with a realistic approach.  It’s all about baby steps and figuring out what works best for you.  No two people are alike.  And ultimately, our goal is for this to become a lifestyle… ALL OF IT!  The good nutrition, the movement, everything!!

Note: If meeting face to face is not an option, I offer remote counseling sessions via FaceTime.  We will find a way!!